Last season we took a look at the visual aspect of Adjusted Offensive and Defensive performance. We’re back once again to do the same with the use of Tableau, a software specifically designed for visualizations. 
X (Horizontal) Axis: Team Adjusted Offense Points per Possession. The further right you are the better your offense is.

Y (Vertical) Axis: Team Adjusted Defense Points per Possession. Axis is inverted, so the higher you are on the chart the better your defense is.

Filters: Filter on Conference, P5/Non-P5, Team, and Rank. The first three allow for multiple selecitons so you can compare your favorite team against its schedule, and the Rank filter/slider allows you to narrow in and see where the Top 10 or 25 teams in our Ratings fall out.

Quadrant/Bold Lines: Set at the FBS Average Adusted Offense Points per Possession and Defense Points per Possession. This allows the chart to be read in four quadrants. Top right being the best, bottom left being the worst. Note: This average changes as you filter on Conference, P5/Non-P5, Team, or Ranking. So it’s relative to your selection.

Find your favorite team and conference and start messing around. Then provide us feedback on Twitter